Byron Lutz

These are some of my notes from my time as an Undergraduate Computer Science student at UCLA from 2010 to 2014. Feel free to use/print them for any of your classes. Contact me or submit a pull request if you feel anything should be added or removed.

Computer Science

CS 33 (Spring 2011, Reinman)

CS 35L (Fall 2011, Eggert/Jiwen)

CS M51A (Winter 2012, Ercegovac)

CS 118 (Fall 2013, Lu)

CS 131 (Fall 2012, Eggert)

CS 143 (Fall 2012, Zaniolo)

CS 144 (Fall 2013, Cho)

CS 170A (Spring 2013, Parker)

CS 174A (Spring 2013, Freidman)

CS 111 (Winter 2013, Eggert)

CS 151b (Winter 2013, Reinman)

CS 181 (Spring 2013, Sherstov)

Other classes

Architecture & Urban Design 30 (Fall 2011, Osman)

Math 32B (Spring 2011, Martin)

Math 33A (Fall 2011, Shlyakhtenko)

Math 33B (Winter 2012, Reich)

Math 61 (Winter 2012, Manolescu)

Management 108 (Winter 2014, Boss)

PhySci 5 (Spring 2012, Esdin)

Physics 1B (Spring 2011, Niemann)

Geography 7 (Fall 2012, Illes)

Copyright note: All of this is my original work, compiled from my knowledge, books, notes, and lecture. If you believe you have copyright to it, send me an email.